Special offers Posted December 1, 2013


Stays of more than 5 days – 10% discount

Romantic weekend – a minimum of 2 nights – upon your arrival in your room you will find a bottle of spumante, flowers and desserts

Weekend with the chef – a minimum of 2 nights together with a cookery lesson to choose from:
– a lesson on how to make traditional bread or that made with special flours such as Kamut, spelt and rye…a lesson on bread to be kneaded, put in the oven and finally to be tasted together with cured meats, cheeses and many other delicacies
– a lesson on how to make home-made pasta, fettuccine, lasagne and filled pasta to be kneaded, cut, cooked and mixed with sauces and at the end of the lesson, there will be the tasting of what has been prepared accompanied with a sublime glass of wine!